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Women are just like men when it come to sex: they want some excitement, adventure and sex, but they usually are not so direct as males are. No matter are they single, married, divorced, older or younger, they have same (sex) needs as we males do, simply looking for sex as males but just do that on bit different way. Keeping that fact in mind when approaching any girl or women will dramatically increase your chances to get sex , one night stand, affair or f-buddy with / from any lady. All you need, to find, and get any of them, is just to think how would you act on their place? Where you would seek for males? Understand facts related to their lives and you will easy get to the point.

Take a look what is the best place and time to find...

  • Single Women Seeking Males
  • Married Women seeking men
  • Young girls looking for men
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  • Where are Women and Girls seeking boys and men for fun (online)
  • Home (top of the page) Where to find Single Women Seeking Males

    This category is easiest to find, they are free (single), they are ready to show their status (relationship status = single), they are going out to meet someone and don’t “masking” that fact, and we can say that free women are group where is easer to find "something".

    Usually women and girls in this group will accept flirting and maybe before you approach them they will send clear signals they are seeking man for dating, sex, or something else. (look at resources for example to see something about female sex tourism) They don’t have wedding ring, so that is one more important thing too look at when you meet this kind of women. If you are shinny, you can always try to find single girls online. Generally, you don’t even need to impress them, they want some fun, they want to enjoy their freedom, they want great sex and fun times, so be yourself and when one say no just proceed to another girl.

    Best places to find them : at work, clubs, pubs, vacations (beaches), street, library, bookstore, coffee shops( especially on friday nights)

    Home (top of the page) Where to find Married Women seeking men

    Married women are most active casual sex /affair seekers , but they are also hardest-to-find group, due to nature of marriage: they do not go out at Friday and Saturday night. When you meet married women, it is very important NOT to rush, let them to lead a game. They don’t want to risk their marriage and to get into affair, such kind of older and younger females need to be sure that you are nice and decent guy / man, who will not fail in love and try to ruin their marriage, so with married women, just go slowly and respect their wishes, time schedule and everything else. Generally speaking, when married women wants you for lover you will be her lover, but convince her that you are THE guy, the she do not need even to think that you will make any problems with her marriage, show that you are discreet and that you accept all rules she asks, simply show her that she will get what she is looking for.

    Best places to find them : at any of activities that married women (mom) doing like: taking kids to school, kids soccer games, etc and internet sex dating (cheating) sites .

    Home (top of the page) Where to find Young girls looking for men

    Easiest group to find and seduce and get in bed: they go out a lot, they very actively look for men and they want some fun in their life. With single young girls, it is easiest to have good time and good sex, they are still not obsessed with “real life” problems, loans, family…

    Usually they are smiley, like to flirt and have that “seducing” look, which says “I am looking for nice boy for fun or anything else”. In younger years, they like to experiment, change a lot of males, fulling around, so if you are less than 35-40 y/o you will probably have most success with this group of girls (young women).


    Best places to find them : beach (summer time), internet sites, chats and forums, clubs, college, every other place where young people going out

    Home (top of the page) Where to find Older women looking for men

    Older, but single (or divorced) women, can give you most pleasure when it comes to adventure or just sex: they are experienced, they know a lot about sex, they always seeking for new pleasures since they have in mind time that clocking against them and they are usually very good looking women!

    With this group of females it is very easy to hookup in case they like you, in case that specified women don’t like you, then is better to proceed to next one. They know what they want and they are ready to give you what you want, you can’t treat them as younger girls who are much easier for manipulation.


    Best places to find them : marketplace, seminars (hotels), jobs, clubs and online sites where cougars seeks younger males.

    Home (top of the page) How to find Find women who are seeking men for online dating
    (Updated: April / 2018)

    If you are to busy, married, in relationship or something else, then probably don’t have time or simply can’t go at places described J In that case you can try online, many women and girls who are seeking guys and men have same problem: they are also using Internet to find someone for…you know J Any case, this is list that I am updating every few weeks, mean on list of sites that works best for me, so you can try to, maybe they will be good for you to to find women which want adventures. On the other side, if you can move “freely” , then back on top and see where you can find women who are seeking fun without using web sites and Internet ("old fashioned" ways).

    My Description & notes
    Adult (sex-dating) sites to seek for older women

    This month favorite, new "raising" star, had few great hookups, for now most time I am spending on uLust, hope they will stay good as they are now.
    Cindy Matches

    Only hookup, new site, but very interesting, a bit different concept, worth of trying, highly recommanded!

    Like very much Affair Alert, leverege is about (just my opinion, not offical data) is 4:6 (female: male), very solid for now.
    Sensual Matches

    If you ask me this is best pick! All are from ~30-55 y/o, they know what they are looking for! At this site I find 1-2 new different partners monthly. So A+++++ from me.
    First Meet

    New, nice, Free, works as some kind of facebook app, but it is descreen, you frineds and family, girlfriends or wifes can't see that :) Works best for USA and Canada, you even don't nee to open account, it is enogh to login with your Facebook userp/pass, recommanded.
    Adult (sex-dating) to seek younger women
    Hookup GirlFriends

    Some of girls are really hot and they receives probably thousands of messages what "influence" on their altitude, so many of those hottest will not respond to you, but other, young and average looking will answer and it is not hard to arrange meeting or one night stand...
    Hookups Only

    Pure hookup site, one of the best due to fact they have large user base and ~30% are women.
    Get Laid Me

    As it name says, totally focused on finding ONS partner without too much formalities.
    Fuck Swipe

    One of first sites I tested, 7 years ago, maybe more, they didn't change too much in layout (site is a bit conservative designed) but user base (women to man ratio) is excellent.
    Get Laid Finder

    Raising star, we are tracking only few weeks this site, but very clear, simple for usage, very low level of fake profiles pollution for now, so this site pretends to get even 5/5 if we see this trend continue in next 5-10 weeks. In that case we will add some more description...
    Tie Up Us

    Interesting hookup site, new, almost no fake profiles at all. We are monitoring for now and will see what happens. First impressions are great, very low male to female ratio on site (about 3:1, what is much better than any other site we sow, and we tested a lot of adult hookup sites :) )

    Interesting and very fresh when it comes to concept, a lot of "shiny" people, who need opposite sex partner, even a lot of couples can be found there, ideal for single people who are not afraid, know what they want and ready to experiment for similar kind of persons.
    Beat Your Age

    You are in 30s, 40s, 50s or even 60s? This is right place for you, like name says just beat your age, cos you will find a lot of people of same ages there ready to some fun.

    Optimized for any kind of mobile device. Idea is to find people near you. We got some reports that works very good among people who are traveling a lot. For now, this is for any usage very good hookup sites.
    Dating sites (no sex, real dating, so don't expect too much)
    Bridge Of Love

    Excellent and real dating site (not hookups, real searching for soul mate) , but only for US males who want to connect with Ukraine women.

    Good for dating and free, but very hard to find local sex partner

    * after may/2103 update, I removed all sites rated less than 4/5 since I think there is no sense to list them here and describe why those sites are not good, wasting of time for you and me...

    Home (top of the page)Your Comments and Questions...

    Here are some of comments and questions from my readers, if you want to say or ask something feel free to contact me.

    A. T. (Nov / 2012) Like your idea about “targeting” women or girls and trying to get close to them, thanks for this.
    B. W. (Dec / 2012) I always tried o find some older beauty (milf) divorced or something because I am very attracted to such girls but didn’t have luck, until read your ideas where to find them  After some time, I met 45y/o beauty online, which was divorced without kids, and we are for past 4 months in relationship. Sex is wild, we are going out, I am even thinking about something more serious between us.
    T. A (Mar / 2013) Thanks for all info, this chanced my way to hunt girls!
    M. R. (Jun / 2013) Some things looks so simple when somebody else told them. To make long story short thanks for great piece of info!
    J. B. (Aug / 2013) This summer at Greek islands was with most sex ever for me thanks for You! I am from Finland, and going to Greece every year, but in most previous years I was happy if I catch one girl for whole summer, this time it was crazy, got sex with more than ten women and girls, I got idea where they are and how to find them, once again THANKS
    T. L. (Aug / 2013) For me, most useful was part about "online partner finding" :) Thanks for suggestions and sites! I always had small problem with females, but now for past 2 months (thanks to you, so once again BIG thanks!) I met online older lady (a bit mature, but so sexy and curvy) so we are seeing about 2 weekly, and what to say except that I NEVER HAD so good sex life!
    G. S. (Oct / 2013) Why we can't get some advice for women? Where WE to find guys? Especially in your 40s or 50s? You can write something about that too, I know that you mean that is "simple" for us, but actually it NOT simple.
    M. A. (Oct / 2013) Thanks for great and always fresh "list of sits" that you provide. I am following it, and in past 6 months, had sex 12 times with 8 different partners. From 24 to 50 y/o :) I like it, please keep doing this and keep us informed about everything new in online hooking up scene. Big THANKS!
    S. O. (Jan / 2014) Thanks to your "targeting" methodology this year started much better than previous for me :)
    O. W. (Jan / 2014) Best guide I found online: short, simple and with very fresh and useful info. I am expecting that you will continue with great work? I mean on your sites list especially?
    A. A. (Jun / 2014) I was seeking for long time site like this, like your idea to track and test dating and adult-dating sites and to present results to save my time and money and nerves. Big thanks and hope you will continue with great work in next years!
    T. S. (Aug / 2014) One great summer, few girls I found using some of sites you recommended, everything just perfect, I will buy you a beer :)
    F. I. (Dec / 2014) Great and easy to understand tips and great resource was very helpful to me, only question that I have is would you add some more answers about this topic finding women and other stuffs...?
    A. S. (Oct / 2017) Like your howto for "finding chicks", big thanks, helped me to get better picture on where and how to find girls for sex and relationship, actually it is nothing hard to be honest, reading this helped me to get more confidence when it come to girls :)
    T. R. (Dec / 2017) After reading I got an idea where I can pick some older chicks, and after few days it was just I planed, so I am now very happy my "girlfriend" is 17 years older than me and our sex is great, thanks!
    V. E. (Jan / 2018) I used first 2 sites from your list and after few days I meet a beautiful older lady. Sex was great, exploding, mind-blowing. I hope you will continue with great information you provide!

    Home (top of the page)Fast , simple and useful Hookup and Dating tips

    Before reading those few tips that according to a lot experience really can help you, here is what is interesting, from last year more than 20 message received from female population, and all messages claim same thing: that such love and hookup advice are BS, that people who write such things are J***s,and so on, what was very inspiring since human (especially female) psychology react on truth they don't like, so hope those tips will help you to become at least a bit better in seduction.

    #1 - Be very direct and self confident because You have nothing to loose! No matter you are trying online or other way, always remember that you have nothing to loose! So be direct, act like you know what you want, don't give them time to think. If you want to date her or hookup with her just be direct, worst thing can happen is to dump you, so? Just keep walking. If you approach to 5 girls in one night at least 1 will be yours, again keep that in mind!

    #2 - Be mysterious. If you decide to try with online dating and hookups, when you creating profile, put provocative photo, leave some details about you undisclosed, women like mystery guys. Ask them, listen them when you start conversation and don't talk too much about yourself. When you go from site to texting, sometime response immediately sometime after few hours or even days. I don't know why this works with both girls and women, but it works.

    #3 - Be generous! No matter that mostly of women today insist to pay own part of dinner or whatever, don't try to argue with her, simply pay everything and give waiter a (nice) tip in front of her. Many girls will argue with you after such gesture, but act as you don't care and in first next situation do the same. Like previous thing, I don't know WHY but this works for whole my life, with both older and younger women. I think they like to see men which pays everything, but today's culture promote women who pays own part, any case, just do it, and tell her "Ok, you will pay next time". Off course next time you will do the same thing.

    Home (top of the page)The Other side of coin...

    Also, look at other side, few horror stories that can happen in online hookups, I don not want to scare you just keep this in mind: be careful ! :)

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    Older Women, Younger Men: Self and Stigma in Age-Discrepant Relationships(University of Kansas, 26 pages, published 1996)

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